Hungary: Paprika in Szentes

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Friday, November 10, 2006

"Some like it hot" - Photo by Kris of Little Town in Hungary, a blog featuring daily photos "from Szentes, a small town located on the southern Great Plain of Hungary."

Kris writes about this photo:

I saw this scene yesterday. Does the owner of this flat like paprika so much? or it is a way to gain additional income? Whatever it is, the sure thing is, these wonderfully garland paprika (paprikafuzer) will ended up as the "ultimate spice" for many kitchens in Szentes.

The photo reminds one reader, Lachezar Karadjov, of his native Bulgaria:

A beautiful image of a very old tradition.

Reminds me of my own country. In autumn they would be all over windows and balconies in big cities, small towns and villages. People would pride themselves of who's paprika (in Bulgarian "liuti chushleta) is the hottest. Mostly they would use them at home but some will sell...

Kris also provides a link to one of her favorite paprika recipes - Hungarian Mushroom Chicken (Gombes Csirke), which is posted at her other blog - Kitchen at no. Nineteen: food junkie finally gets cooking:

Eating out for us means fast food, pizzas, burgers, chinese, Indonesian, Indian [...], etc. We hardly try-out Hungarian food in restaurants. Reason being, we get to eat home-made Hungarian dishes cooked by B's (my partner) parents. Most of them are quite tasty and suit to my taste. [...]

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