Russia: New Year's in Grozny

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

LJ user timur-aliev has posted three New Year's snapshots taken in Grozny, the capital of Chechnya, which the United Nations called "the most destroyed city on earth" in 2003.

Below is the Chechen blogger's brief account of the festivities - and a couple of clarifications from the comments section (RUS):

I rang in the New Year together with the rest of the republic - by the fir tree in Grozny. Just five hours before the New Year's, however, I was sure that I'd sleep through this whole thing because of a sudden blackout in our apartment (and in the one below). I'd already been through the experience of having our electricity shut off and I understood that we'd be able to fix it no sooner than in a week. But they restored power in an hour and we set off for the [New Year's festivities] with clear conscience. Here are the results of my expedition.

[three photos]



Were fireworks and firecrackers allowed?


I don't know whether they were allowed, but they were there alright...


Great photos. Everything's decorated beautifully. [...]


Yes, but these are the most decorated areas, of course... [...]


Decoration of the whole city is a matter of time. It'll happen soon.


Wow, it looks like life in Chechnya is indeed getting better :)
Everything looks very cute on the photos.


Life, of course, isn't really the way it appears on the photos (I've deliberately picked the brightest ones), but still, it is improving :))

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