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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

One day after Russia marked its Independence Day, LJ user larinax - Ksenia Larina, Radio Ekho Moskvy host - found herself mystified by the results of a survey conducted on one of the Ekho shows (RUS):

[...] To the question "Where would you like to live? - In the Soviet Union or in today's Russia?" 62 (!!!) percent of the audience responded - in the Soviet Union. I find it incredible. And no nostalgia, and no protest against Putin will ever make me choose this road to darkness. I wonder if the internet voting will be different. It's a different audience, after all. Though young people, too, shock me by their delusional notion of the USSR. And no documentaries, no feature movies will ever convince them of the opposite. [...]

Here is the tiniest fraction of the responses that Larina's entry drew (139 so far):

daisy_gorgeous: I was both surprised and not by this percentage. But there used to be good things, too, Ksenia! I talked to a friend in the States the other day and he gave me a mathematical proof that, despite all the minuses of the structure of the USSR, despite the nonsense of [having to be like everyone else], etc., the idea made lots of sense. :) [...]

larinax: You know, there used to be this cartoon - bum-looking, emaciated Marx and Lenin are begging for money in the street. Marx tells Lenin dreamily: "But still, the idea was indeed pretty good!.."


elesin: Strange the figure isn't 95 percent. People want to be 20-30 years old, not 40-50. Everyone was younger in the USSR.

LJ user drugoi cites another survey whose results are even more mystifying (RUS). The survey was conducted by the Yuri Levada Center; 1,600 Russians, aged 18 and older, were surveyed in 128 cities and towns, 46 regions):

Six percent of the Russians expect Russia to win the World Cup in Germany.

These are some pretty high numbers, considering that Russia is not playing in the World Cup at all this year.

Below are some responses:

mikheich: And we expect Kazakhstan to win!!!)))

drugoi: I'm for Norwegians.

yulchataj: Since you're at it - TURKEY - FOREVER!!!


In one Astana backyard, there's a terribly moving graffiti on the drain pipe, still there from the previous World Cup: "Kazakhstan - Brazil 8:0"

deodan: Imagine: what if Russia does win!:)

lenkins: It's already won :)

quappa: Russia won't lose in a single game - isn't that victory?


duke-igthorn: Ireland - go go!

stormoff: This means that 6 percent of the Russians have a good sense of humor.


d-falcon: Russia is represented by only one person at the World Cup: V. Ivanov, a referee, we all place our hopes on him :-)


pechenie: In a way, our team has as many chances as it did during the previous World Cups.

And, finally, this response, most likely, sends the readers back to the Russia vs. Soviet Union survey:

radiocat: Not much. It would've been logical if 40-60 percent were expecting this - I'm judging by some other surveys.

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