Bosnia & Herzegovina: Photoblogging Sarajevo

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

sarajevo restored building
A restored building in Sarajevo - by Seesaw/Quod/Zdenka

Seesaw (aka Quod, aka Zdenka) has been blogging about the Balkans for a year and a half at Balkan-Scissors.

Here's how she came to photography:

Born in Sarajevo, spent the war in Sarajevo, live in Sarajevo. Now retired.
Bought Canon A75 in January and discovered I love to make photos.

Seesaw's Sarajevo photos can be viewed at Sarajevo Photoblog ("Photos from Sarajevo, the ones that you usually do not see.") - and at Flickr.

Yakima_Gulag, who also blogs about the Balkans at YakimaGulagLiteraryGazett, describes Seesaw's photos in a Flickr testimonial:

Quod's pictures of Sarajevo are the best pictures of that city! They have a very lovely and restrained quality. I also enjoy that she has put old postcards from Bosnia i Hercegovina because it kind of tells you how things used to be.

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