Moldova: "Making Sense of Recent Events"

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Below is a follow-up to the three earlier GV posts (here, here, and here) on the blog coverage of the protests and rioting in Chisinau, Moldova, that followed the April 5 election.

Lyndon of Scraps of Moscow flew to Moldova's capital shortly after the violent events of Tuesday, April 7, and wrote this on his return:

[...] Although I missed the real action (which, since it now appears to have resulted in the loss of at least two lives, should perhaps not be trivialized), I felt like I was there for the second-most-important thing: the days during which Moldovans - opposition voters and PCRM voters; educated and otherwise; Russophone, Romania-oriented and otherwise - were doing their best to make sense of what had happened.

I heard a lot of different versions of the events of last Tuesday, none of which was entirely satisfying, and accumulated about 30 pages of notes which I'm now attempting to filter (for rumors, with which the city was rife) and distill into something that might help outsiders make sense of the situation there. [...]

Lyndon's photos from his trip to Chisinau are here.

On April 19, Lyndon wrote that he was "still trying to figure everything out." In this post, however, as well as in at least half a dozen others (tagged "Grape Revolution"), Lyndon has been linking to and commenting on some relevant coverage, background and analysis.


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